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At Toluca Dental Care, we are concerned about your complete oral health. That is why we offer comprehensive exams. We check for signs of many problems during your exam, including oral cancer. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so we want talk about why getting checked for oral cancer is so important.

Although oral cancer is comparatively rare, accounting for only a small percentage of new cancer cases every year, it is quite dangerous. Its 5-year survival rate is under 60%. But oral cancer is not so deadly because it is hard to detect or treat, necessarily. Too often, it is only found once it has spread beyond its primary tumor location, and at this point prognosis is much worse. It can develop for quite some time without offering symptoms, so many people don’t think to get checked.

That is precisely the reason you should get regularly checked. Dr. Nilesh Pema includes an oral cancer screening with every comprehensive exam. These are recommended to take place every six months to prevent gum disease and other issues, as well as to detect potentially-cancerous abnormalities in tissues. Oral cancer screenings involve a careful inspection of the oral cavity, lips, neck, and face. We can identify potential problems, even before symptoms are present.

Oral cancer is a serious concern, but getting screened regularly can catch it in an early stage and dramatically increase its treatability. To schedule your appointment at Toluca Dental Care, please call our Toluca Lake, CA office today free project management tools. To learn more about oral cancer, including its risk factors and symptoms, please visit the Oral Cancer Foundation website,