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You probably know that you should start caring for your children’s teeth as soon as they erupt. Similarly, you may have been told that you should start cleaning your children’s gums even before their first tooth comes in. However, do you know when you should start flossing your children’s teeth?

As you’ve heard, flossing is an important part of anyone’s oral care. It can clean foods and bacteria that you can’t—or at least shouldn’t—with your toothbrush. This can be important because it will help to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Technically, you don’t have to start flossing until your child’s teeth are actually touching. Generally, this time frame will vary from child to child, but you can expect their teeth to start touching between two and six years old. Still, you should consider flossing your child’s teeth when they are younger to help them get comfortable with flossing.

However, until they’re able to brush on their own, please remember to help your child floss frequently. This will do two important things: teach your child how to floss and teach your child about the importance of flossing. To help your child learn to floss, try having them hold their own floss and try to follow your example. Also, please note that it’s normal for their gums to bleed at first, but only for the first few days visit homepage.

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