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Congratulations! You’ve just finished any of a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures and you probably can’t stop looking at your new smile every chance you get.

So what do you do now? What does your new smile need? The answer is really simple – it needs the same care and rigorous oral health routine you used before. You have to stay on top of your oral health, even after cosmetic dentistry, if you want any hope of the treatments lasting for as long as they should, in addition to keeping your mouth as healthy as possible. Let’s look at why that is

They’ll last longer

Any piece of cosmetic dentistry will last longer if you’re vigilant in taking care of it. The same issues that led to your need of cosmetic dentistry in the first place – plaque buildup, lack of oral hygiene, etc. – will occur in your new teeth as well if you don’t clean them.

Staves off gum disease

The other risk you run into if you don’t keep up good oral health after a cosmetic procedure is done is contracting gum disease. This causes tooth loss, infection, and even jawbone deterioration. Obviously, those are all problems you want to avoid.

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