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If your child’s tooth falls out of place, you might think nothing of it, especially because baby teeth are supposed to fall out. However, if the tooth is permanent, you should not ignore the situation. Missing a permanent tooth can damage your child’s smile and alter their oral health. This is why it’s important to replace that tooth as soon as possible. Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Nilesh Pema, has many treatments that can help your child and their smile.

The first treatment is orthodontics. This involves your dentist using an orthodontic appliance to shift the surrounding teeth into the empty space. This is a slower process, but it will close the gap and give your child a complete, functional, and attractive smile. They will have one less chomper to work with throughout their life, but they shouldn’t notice any problems with it.

The second treatment is a dental implant. This dental restoration can replace your child’s missing tooth and its roots. This makes it possible to provide strong, sturdy, natural-looking, and natural-feeling results. It will be implanted into the jawbone and it will provide a permanent replacement tooth. However, this option is only available for children who have full-grown jaws.

The third treatment is a partial denture. This appliance replaces the missing tooth whenever your child wants. This means it’s removable. It clasps onto the surrounding natural teeth and provides a complete, functional, and attractive smile.

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