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Sometimes a knocked out tooth causes so much trauma to the local gum tissues and dental structure that Dr. Nilesh Pema can’t viably treat the tooth with root canal therapy. In these cases of severe dental trauma, she might recommend extracting whatever remains of the damaged tooth.

Once all traces of the root have been removed, Dr. Nilesh Pema will close the socket and provide you with a prescription for pain medication. This will help gradually alleviate the pain while your gum tissues and jawbone heal.

When you are ready, our dentist might recommend replacing the tooth by installing a dental bridge. This is a fast method of dental restoration that doesn’t involve the oral surgery associated with a dental implant restoration.

The dental bridge is basically an artificial tooth that mimics the appearance of the original tooth. It is fused into a solid piece of dental work with an open crown on each end.

Your dental crown will need to be anchored by the two nearest teeth. Once this phase of the dental restoration has been completed, Dr. Nilesh Pema will prepare an impression of the area and any other relevant teeth in your bite pattern. Your dental bridge will then be created. Once it’s been cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive your new dental bridge will completely restore your knocked out tooth.

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