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There are many things that you do on a daily basis that may be causing you dental damage. Many of your habits may be so routine, that you don’t even realize you are doing them. The key to attaining your highest level of oral health possible is to be conscious of your habits so you can eliminate those that are bad for your teeth.

Some bad habits that have negative effects on teeth are:

– Brushing Too Hard: If you brush too hard with a hard-bristled brush it is possible that you will wear down your tooth enamel and cause gum sensitivity. So, it is important to use a soft bristle brush and to only brush for the recommended two minutes.

– Snacking: Snacking between meals or in place of meals is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and yellowing. Instead of snacking, a healthier alternative might be chewing sugarless gum or drinking lots of water to feel fuller.

– Biting and Chewing: Chewing on things like ice cubes, pen caps, and even biting your nails leaves at risk for dental damage. It’s possible that you will suffer damage to your teeth and enamel if this habit is not gotten under control. Teeth should also not be used as tools for opening or ripping things.

– Drinking Soda: Drinking regular and even diet soda contributes to cavity production and enamel erosion. Studies have shown that the acidity levels of diet soda compared with regular soda are nearly the same, and so have the same adverse effect on tooth enamel.

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