Why CEREC Crowns are Better than Traditional Dental Crowns

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Toluca Lake Dental CERECs

If you want to fix your damaged teeth, your dentist may recommend you go for a dental crown to fix the issue. A dental crown is a tiny, tooth-shaped cap designed to fit over a damaged tooth. The purpose of a dental crown is to hide a misshapen or discolored tooth and sometimes even a tooth implant.

Those who need crowns in Toluca Lake have two options. One can either go for traditional dental crowns or CEREC crowns (CERECs). Both of them can help restore a damaged tooth.

While traditional dental crowns are effective for restoring damaged teeth and teeth aesthetics, if you are looking for a faster and convenient option to restore your teeth, then CEREC Crowns may be a better option.

Here are three important reasons why CEREC crowns may be Better than traditional crowns.


  1. Restore Teeth Function Immediately

Having a damaged tooth can be quite frustrating. If it’s not restored quickly, it is going to irritate you every moment you tend to use your mouth: eating, talking, and even smiling.

If you are going for traditional crowns, you will first get a temporary crown and will have to wait for the permanent crown to be designed for you. During this time you need to be very careful while talking and eating. You will have to eat a specific diet so that the temporary crown is not damaged.

This is not the case with CEREC crowns. Thanks to its innovative technology, you can avoid all these hassles by getting your dental crowns immediately.

  1. Prevents Injury

Since with traditional crowns, you get to wear a temporary crown before you get your permanent crown, this can lead to several injuries or other issues. The temporary crown can come loose after a few days, thereby causing more harm to the teeth. CEREC crowns treatment reduces the risk of such injury by providing crowns that fit the teeth in one visit. In addition, there is less drilling involved in CEREC crowns. This keeps the rest of the teeth safe and unharmed.

  1. Comfort

In the traditional procedures, the temporary crowns are made from resin. This material rarely ever fits in the teeth and can make it very uncomfortable for the patient. In CEREC crowns, the material consists of ceramic which fits perfectly onto the teeth, providing comfort to the patient.

Toluca Dental Care is a family dental clinic in Toluca Lake that uses advanced technology to construct perfect-fitting dental CERECs. In our office at Toluca Lake, we assure you to provide you dental CERECs that look and feel as real as your natural teeth. Feel free to check our website Toluca Dental Care for any information.