How To Keep Invisalign Treatment On Track

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Invisalign is a practical, affordable, and convenient way to get that easy-to-spot smile. It’s also the best alternative for metal braces, and it is done using concealed custom aligners. There are several conditions that dentists treat with the Invisalign method. They include crowded teeth, gapped, crooked teeth, among others. If you are around Toluca Lake or surrounding areas, Los Angeles Invisalign specialists can help straighten your teeth. The process, however, has some dos and don’ts rules if the best results are to be achieved. Let’s discuss some of the dos and don’ts of the procedure. Also, if you need more clarity on these rules, you can contact Los Angeles Invisalign dental specialists, and they will give more guidance.


Dos of Invisalign


Wear your Invisalign aligners for no less than 22 hours a day.

Invisalign works if you wear the custom aligners for 22 hours a day. They are supposed to gently exert pressure so that the teeth can be shifted to their rightful place. However, this can’t be achievable if the aligners are not in your mouth. Therefore, it would help if you took them off only when eating, brushing, or flossing your teeth.

Store the aligners in their case.

Once you have Invisalign, your case should always be with you. The Los Angeles dentists advise that you should keep aligners in the case whenever you remove them. This will reduce the chances of throwing them into the bin. Pets are another reason you should keep the aligners in the case because they like them. Loss of damage to your aligners will force you to buy new ones, and that could interfere with your treatment.

Keep your Invisalign clean.

Your oral health is critical, and that’s why you should clean your aligners regularly. You can do this by soaking them in vinegar solution and gently brushing them using a soft toothbrush.


Don’ts of Invisalign


Expose your aligners to heat.

Aligners are easily spoiled by heat. Therefore, you should avoid soaking them in hot water or taking a hot beverage while wearing them because heat makes them warp. This will cause them not to fit properly and interfere with the results. Therefore, ensure your aligners are always away from heat or take them out when it’s time for a hot cup of coffee.

Don’t eat while wearing them.

Apart from drinking water, it would help if you did not put anything edible into your mouth when wearing aligners. If you do so, you might cause irreversible damage and be forced to replace them. Avoid this terrible mistake by removing and storing them in the Invisalign case whenever it’s mealtime.

Use tough cleaners on the aligners.

Aligners are sensitive, and that’s why Los Angeles dentists usually advise against the use of toothpaste. This is because it may scratch your aligners, and the scratch might be noticeable.

If you have been yearning for a beautiful, straight smile, Invisalign is the best option for you. The method is excellent, and you can trust it for the alignment of your teeth. However, you must be careful to follow the discussed dos and don’ts for the best results. Visit Toluca Dental Care for more information and to schedule your consultation today.