Bad Oral Health Habits and How to Quit Them

There are many things that you do on a daily basis that may be causing you dental damage. Many of your habits may be so routine, that you don’t even realize you are doing them. The key to attaining your highest level of oral health possible is to be conscious of your habits so you… Read more »

Inspirational Dentistry: Treating and Preventing Bad Breath

Are you currently suffering from any signs of halitosis? Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is a situation in which an individual begins to show symptoms of foul odors emanating out of their mouth, which can often be linked to bacteria and plaque buildup. By improving your oral hygiene and eliminating bad habits from your… Read more »

Why Would I Want a Deep Cleaning?

Do you frequently get a gum disease called periodontitis? Are your gums red or do any of your teeth feel loose? If you answered yes to either of these questions, a deep cleaning could prove beneficial. This non-surgical procedure, also known as teeth scaling and root planing, can help eliminate the infection from your teeth… Read more »

Are You Lacking Treatments During Cold and Flu Season?

Are you ready to enhance your smile to its maximum effectiveness? Have you set forth effective plans to take your smile to levels never-before-seen? To maximize your oral health care, your daily habits and your dietary regime are all extremely effective for building your best smile. However, even great smiles can be brought down in… Read more »

Increase Your Dental Knowledge on Dentures

As time goes on, teeth can wear down. In addition, numerous dental hazards and oral health risks can occur in your life that could severely impair your teeth and gums. In some instances, this can lead to a downturn in your mouth and potentially cause tooth loss. If you have lost any teeth, it’s important… Read more »

Oral Health Care Year in Review: Invisalign®

Does your smile need a highly effective orthodontic aligner system to straighten your teeth discreetly? If so, consider the benefits that Invisalign clear orthodontic aligner treatment systems have to offer. Some of the advantages of Invisalign aligners include the following: – Invisalign aligners can help thwart tooth decay and gum disease symptoms associated with crooked… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Be Installed to Replace a Knocked Out Tooth

Sometimes a knocked out tooth causes so much trauma to the local gum tissues and dental structure that Dr. can’t viably treat the tooth with root canal therapy. In these cases of severe dental trauma, might recommend extracting whatever remains of the damaged tooth. Once all traces of the root have been removed, Dr. will… Read more »

Dental Sealants and Cavity Prevention

It’s common for premolars and molars to have deep textures and grooves. This helps us to chew our food better. However, it also makes them more difficult to clean. This can be problematic, especially for children who are still learning to have a consistent oral hygiene routine and who tend to eat lots of sugary… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Caps for Your Teeth

If you have a chomper that needs a lid, an oral crown is the way to do it: oral crowns, which are prosthetic dental apparatuses, cover pearly whites for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. Crowns are frequently utilized when a cavity threatens the health of a tooth, but there are other reasons why our dentist… Read more »

The Tooth-Replacement Options That Can Help Your Child and Their Smile

If your child’s tooth falls out of place, you might think nothing of it, especially because baby teeth are supposed to fall out. However, if the tooth is permanent, you should not ignore the situation. Missing a permanent tooth can damage your child’s smile and alter their oral health. This is why it’s important to… Read more »