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For family dentistry that you can count on, visit Toluca Dental Care today. Our dental team has you and your smile’s best interest in mind. We offer a comfortable environment for dental care and do all we can to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Schedule an appointment with our family dental office in Sherman Oaks today.

New Patients Welcome

New Patients Welcome

Looking for a dental office in Toluca Lake? End your search today with Toluca Dental Care! Our dedicated dentist in Toluca Lake offers a full suite of dental care services. Try out our dental office for yourself and enjoy one of our new patients offers:  

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Why Choose Toluca Dental Care?

Since our founding in 2003, our goal has been to deliver high-quality, pain-free, and aesthetically pleasing dentistry to everyone. We offer all of the dental services you need to care for your smile. 

Some of the most important reasons to visit our dental office in Toluca Lake, CA include:

Dedicated Dental Team

Our caring, helpful dental team does everything in their power to ensure that you and your family have a pleasant experience when you visit our office. Our dentist, Dr. Nilesh Pema, and the rest of our dental team are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, pain-free care.

Affordable, Comprehensive Dental Services

Our affordable treatments are many and varied, so whether you need a same-day porcelain crown, Zoom! whitening, advanced gum treatment, a dental implant, or a simple check-up, we can help.

Industry-leading Dental Equipment

We also use state-of-the-art dental technology, including digital radiography, CEREC®, intraoral cameras, and an electronic numbing device, to provide you with a pain-free and convenient visit

Dental Services in Sherman Oaks, CA

Visit Toluca Dental Care for comprehensive family dentistry services including:

Preventative Dental Care

Our dental team prioritizes preventative dentistry to keep your smile strong and problem-free. Through dental cleanings and exams, fluoride application, and other preventative services, we help prevent dental issues and ensure prompt identification and treatment. Schedule your next appointment for preventative dentistry in Sherman Oaks today.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and when they do you need immediate treatment. Our dental office provides same-day appointments to handle your urgent dental needs. Visit our emergency dentist in Sherman Oaks.

Dental Fillings

Treat cavities and prevent further damage with a tooth filling in Sherman Oaks. We offer comprehensive services to install new fillings and replace old ones. Schedule your appointment for a tooth-colored dental filling today.

Root Canal Therapy

Address tooth pulp damage and preserve your tooth with a root canal treatment in Sherman Oaks. We provide effective, precise root canal services to alleviate your dental problem and prevent tooth loss.

Tooth Crown

A dental crown fortifies a damaged tooth, restoring its shape, strength, and appearance. Visit Toluca Dental Care for a natural-looking, durable tooth crown in Sherman Oaks today.

Gum Disease Treatment

Catching and treating gum disease early is vital for long-term dental health. We offer comprehensive gum disease treatment services, including scaling and root planing, to alleviate your gum health issues. Visit us for gum disease treatment in Sherman Oaks.

Smile Makeover

Looking to address several cosmetic dental concerns? Then a smile makeover may be for you. Our cosmetic dentist plans a comprehensive treatment plan by combining various cosmetic dental services. Visit us for a smile makeover consultation in Sherman Oaks today.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve the look of your smile with custom cosmetic dental services. With everything from teeth whitening to veneers, our cosmetic dentist will help you transform your smile. Visit our cosmetic dentist in Sherman Oaks to learn more about our smile enhancement options.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry in Sherman Oaks helps ensure a relaxing, comfortable dental experience, no matter how much dental anxiety you may have. We offer several solutions and will help you choose the right option based on your treatment and personal needs.

Dental Bonding

Struggling with a small dental imperfection, like a gap, crack, or chip? Tooth bonding can help address the issue and restore your smile. Count on us for high-quality dental bonding in Sherman Oaks that perfectly suits your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your smile is one of the easiest ways to improve its appearance, which is why professional teeth whitening is often the first cosmetic service we advise. Lift dental stains and leave with a radiant smile with teeth whitening in Sherman Oaks.

Dental Bridge

Missing one or more teeth in a row? A dental bridge can help you fill in the gap in your smile and regain your dental function. We offer affordable tooth bridges in Sherman Oaks to help you get your smile back.


Veneer teeth are thin porcelain shells that attach over your natural teeth to improve cracks, chips, discoloration, and other dental imperfections. Dramatically transform your smile with only one treatment using veneers. Visit our cosmetic dentist for a dental veneer consultation in Sherman Oaks today.


Looking for a convenient, discrete way to get a straighter smile? Invisalign clear aligners may be right for you! Address dental alignment issues and straighten your smile with modern Invisalign treatment in Sherman Oaks.

Communities We Serve

We are proud to provide outstanding dentistry in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City, Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, and the surrounding areas in California. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and receive pain-free, high-quality dental care. We look forward to taking care of your dental needs! 

Visit Our Family Dentist in Sherman Oaks, CA

Looking for a reliable dental practice in Sherman Oaks? Toluca Dental Care is your trusted partner for all your dental needs! Your smile is our top priority, and our skilled team is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, radiant smile. Located conveniently in Sherman Oaks, our modern dental office offers a comprehensive range of services to cater to your dental requirements.

Whether you seek preventative care, restorative treatments, or cosmetic enhancements, Toluca Dental Care is here to deliver exceptional care tailored to your individual needs. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, utilizing cutting-edge dental technology and techniques to ensure optimal results.

From routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced procedures such as dental implants and root canals, our experienced team is equipped to handle a diverse array of dental services. We strive to create a welcoming and stress-free environment so you can feel at ease throughout your dental journey.

Ready to embark on the path to a healthier smile? Schedule an appointment with Toluca Dental Care today and discover the difference personalized care can make for your oral health. We’re excited to partner with you in achieving a lifetime of confident smiles!


Which dental issues can cosmetic dentistry help with?

If you want to enhance how your smile looks, then cosmetic dental services in Sherman Oaks can help. We offer a wide range of services to help you address your dental concerns. Our cosmetic dentist will help you address discoloration, crookedness, uneven smile, tooth damage, and more. Schedule a consultation to learn more.
The goal of preventative dentistry is to keep your smile healthy, strong, and problem-free. Routine dental cleanings and exams, fluoride treatments, and customized dental hygiene advice helps your smile stay clean and healthy. Furthermore, your dental exams give the dentist a chance to identify any small issues before they become worse. Book your next appointment for preventative dental care today.
You can get a straighter smile without traditional braces using Invisalign clear aligners. These custom-made aligners are removable and virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly. Schedule a consultation for Invisalign in Sherman Oaks to determine if it’s the right option for you.
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